Blackcurant is a clean, minimal, typography jekyll theme. It is developed by Webjeda - Jekyll Themes Developer Webjeda.

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Blackcurrant is a Bootstrap 4 based Jekyll theme suitable for personal, blog, resume or portfolio websites.


Easy customizations

Customizing the theme elements has been made easy. Almost all the customizable elements can be found in one file _data/main.yml.

Here is the sample.

# Image, name, profession in the sidebar

image: /images/author-image.jpg
name: John Doe
profession: A Web Developer
email: [email protected] # The contact form submission be received in this email address.

# Menu items in the sidebar


- title: Work
  link: /portfolio/

- title: Blog
  link: /blog/

- title: Contact
  link: /contact/

# Social icons in the sidebar

# use font awesome icon code in the 'icon:' value

icon: fa-facebook-square

icon: fa-twitter

icon: fa-linkedin

icon: fa-github

Highlight Your Projects

Adding projects to your portfolio is similar to adding blog posts. You can now add more content to individual projects.

Add new projects inside _projects directory. It will be automaticaly listed in the projects page.

Bootsrap 4

Jekyll Themes is built on the latest Bootstrap 4 Framework. The theme can be easily customized using bootstrap elements.

Attractive Layout

A dedicated and constant sidebar highlights the author, which is ideal for personal branding.

Superfast Loading Speed

The website is light and superfast. It loads completely within 3 seconds in most cases. Check Speed.

Multiple color schemes

The default layout boasts a vibrant green color. You can always change this in the configuration file or add your own color and the whole site changes to that scheme.

color-scheme: '#1abc9c' # Green

# color-scheme: '#2693e6' # Blue

# color-scheme: '#987ce6' # Purple

# color-scheme: '#ea67a8' # Pink

# color-scheme: '#ec632b' # Orange

Responsive videos

Just add a class to your video iframe to make it responsive. For example

<iframe class="video" src=""></iframe>

Adding video class to any iframe makes it responsive in Avocado.

Paginated posts

Only 4 posts are shown in the blog page. Older posts are paginated. Check it out. You can change the number of posts in the configuration file.

paginate: 4

Automatic Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are generated for every page and post automatically.

Auto generated TOC

Table of contents is automatically generated for each post.


Disqus comments is pre-installed. Just sign-up, get a shortname and update the variable disqus in the configuration.

Disqus is configured so that your page load speed will not slow down. Disqus loads when the user goes all the way to the bottom of an article!

If you do not mention the disqus: value in configuration then the disqus comments code will not be included in the website.

Track visitors

The website uses Google Analytics for tracking visitors. Use your own UA code in the configuration. Analytics code will not be used in the website if you do not mention UA code.

MathJax Support

Now render beautiful math formulas by enabling MathJax in the configuration (enabled by default).

\[\sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6}\]

Search anything from your articles in an instant using search bar at the top.

Auto generated feed and sitemap

We have given much importance to SEO and made sure you have the sitemap ready to submit to search engines. A well formatted feed is readily available for RSS.

Fully responsive

It will be a pleasure reading content on jekyll themes through a smartphone. Try it to know it.

Chart.js Support

Use amazing charts using Chart.js. Enable Chart.js in the configuration(enabled by default)

Other simple stuff

We have given special importance in designing things like reading time, tags, share buttons, recent articles etc…

Installation Guide

Right after the purchase, you will get a zip folder with the following files.

├── \_data
| ├── main.yml
├── \_includes
| ├── author.html
| └── header.html
| └── footer.html
| .
| .
├── \_layouts
| ├── default.html
| └── post.html
├── \_posts
| ├── _premium/
| └──
├── \_pages
| ├──
| └──
| .
| .
├── \_sass
| └── \_auhtor.scss
| └── \_google-fonts.scss
| .
| .
├── \_config.yml
├── assets
├── blog
├── images
└── index.html

You can serve this locally using the command bundle exec jekyll serve.

Make necessary changes in the _config.yml, _data/main.yml and wherever it is necessary.

All these files can be put in a repository(GitHub, GitLab etc) or hosting service where Jekyll is supported.

If Jekyll is not supported, then use the _site/ folder, which is actually a complete rendered website in itself.

Do contact us for any help - [email protected].

With all these goodness, you will also get full support for 3 months.

Buy Blackcurrant Jekyll Theme

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We provide 6 months support.

Get your questions answered within 24 hours.

Get assistance with reported bugs and issues.

Help with included 3rd party assets.

You can always leave us an email at [email protected].

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