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BlogInn Jekyll Theme & Template

Minimal blogging at its best. BlogInn Jekyll theme offers classic blog layout with bold design. Impress your readers with bold headings and expressive featured images. Download it today.

The following is a list of main theme features:

  • Mobile first & fully responsive (wide, normal, narrow, mobile)
  • Retina display ready – all icons are optimized for retina devices
  • Clean, well commented code, easy to customize
  • Author information
  • Tag page support
  • Code syntax highlighter
  • Disqus commenting
  • Sharing post integration
  • Social media icons
  • Tag cloud and latest posts widgets
  • Ad banner widget
  • Regular theme updates

Theme Updates

We’re dedicated to keeping BlogInn Jekyll theme up to date with bug fixes and feature additions.

Version 1.0.4 – 17 August 2017:

- fixed an issue with the Weibo icon in the footer.
- theme documentation updated.

Files updated:

  • _includes/footer.html
  • _layouts/post.html

Version 1.0.3 – 14 August 2017:

- icons added: weibo, weixin, whatsapp.
- updated: theme compatible with latest Jekyll release.

Files updated:

  • _sass/_icons.scss
  • fonts/fontawesome.eot
  • fonts/fontawesome.svg
  • fonts/fontawesome.ttf
  • fonts/fontawesome.woff
  • _includes/footer.html
  • _layouts/post.html
  • _config.yml

Version 1.0.2 – 13 September 2016:

– fixed: Jekyll Themes helper in default.html on line 36.
- fixed: em dash styling in _general.scss on line 511.