Sera is a onepage, dark jekyll theme. It is developed by Gleesik - Jekyll Themes Developer Gleesik.

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Sera – OnePage Multi-Purpose Jekyll Theme is a creative modern and multi-purpose Jekyll Theme. In line with modern design trends, color fresh and dynamic. Creative Layout and Smart. Super Clear and Clean Layout! This is a great choice!

Sera for Jekyll Static CMS is based on Sera – OnePage Multi-Purpose PSD Template designed for WordPress, Jekyll, Joomla and other CMS, a very clean design, simple but better.

Template Features

  • Themeforest?s Quality New Product.
  • Unique and Modern Style.
  • Pixel Perfect.
  • Retina Ready.
  • Based on Sera PSD Template.
  • Based on 1170px / 320px / 768px Grid System.
  • Premium HTML Code.
  • Premium Jekyll Code.
  • Premium Creative Design.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Fully Responsive Design.
  • Fully Blog Jekyll Layout.
  • Advanced Jekyll Config File.
  • Advanced Node Development Environement.
  • Advanced Sass Configuration.
  • Advanced Sass Color Skin.
  • Advanced Parallax Images.
  • Advanced SmoothScroll.
  • Compatible with all Modern Devices.
  • Compatible with all Popular Browsers.
  • Easily customizable Theme files.
  • Easily customizable Color Skin with Sass.
  • Free Google Fonts.
  • Free Font Stroke Based Icons.
  • Free and Great Support 24/7.
  • Free Photoshop Color Swatches.
  • Strange and unique interface, streamlined and impress.
  • Easy to find the files name, folders, styles, fonts, images and scripts.
  • And many more?

Fonts Used

Icons Used

Online Support

This is just a part of what is included in this theme. There is much more in there so you should check out the demo and screenshots. If you have any questions about customization of this template witch are not covered in the documentation, feel free to ask a question in the comment section or contact me directly via e-mail form on my profile page.


17.08.2016 - v1.0 Initial Release
           - Light Theme
           - Fully Responsive Design
           - Fully Blog Jekyll Layout
           - Advanced Jekyll Config File
           - Advanced Node Development Environement
           - Advanced Sass Configuration
           - Advanced Sass Color Skin
           - Advanced Parallax Images
           - Advanced SmoothScroll
           - Compatible with all Modern Devices
           - Compatible with all Popular Browsers
           - Dev: Jekyll + Gulp + BrowserSync + Autoprefixer
           - 1170px / 320px / 768px Grid System

About The Author

Hi there, my name is Daniel and I am very passionate about design. I take pride in my work and the support I provide to my customers. Any item you buy comes with free support, simply send me an email with the details and I will get back to you quickly. I strive to make all my items user-friendly, and I will put in the extra time needed to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise. I hope you enjoy my work, feel free to get in touch if you need support, have questions or need a custom quote. | Design of the future!

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