POF for creating a multilingual static site using Yeoman and Jekyll

Multilingual static site

This repo only for proof of concept, so that I can see how it can be achieved to set up a Yeoman project, which has multilingual support.

Main goals

  • Same layout, same content, multiple languages
  • Use generated static HTML pages instead of loading contents with JavaScript
  • Localisation would be great!
  • Each language should have their own canonical URL for their pages
  • Layout and content / development and content should be separated as much as possible; whilst maintaining a clean and straightforward folder structure is a must

Project requirements

The project uses the generator-sizzle Yeoman generator as a scaffolding tool, and it uses the Grunt Jekyll module to generate the static HTML pages. There is a very sweet mixture of NPM and Ruby here :)

To be able to run the project you will need to have

npm, grunt-cli, bower; ruby, and bundler` installed.

Once you have all the above installed, you can set up the project locally by running:

$ npm install
$ bower install
$ bundle

Once you're all set, you can test the project locally by running:

$ grunt serve


I can't guarantee, that this project actually makes sense, but I will do my best to see how the goals can be achieved and will update the repo accordingly.


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