Single-page site with the W3School Dark Portfolio theme built with Jekyll


Dark Portfolio Template For Jekyll

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A starter single-page site respository using the Jekyll static site generator for Github Pages.

This uses:


Unlike the original 11ty Blog, this is not a full-featured blog. This is a single-page site.

Missing features from the Eleventy blog template:

  • Posts
  • Archive
  • Feed
  • Map social icons to config file

Getting Started

1. Clone this Repository

git clone your-site-name

2. Navigate to the directory

cd your-site-name

3. Install dependencies

gem install jekyll

4. Test run the site

jekyll serve 

To debug if there's a deploy error

jekyll serve --trace

5. Edit config.yml

Title: "This becomes your main title"
Tagline: "This is the subtitle"
Logo: Your favicon

6. Update your content in index.html

All of it is hardcoded in. You will find sections flagged by:

<!-- In these arrows -->

Images are found in the folder assets/w3images.

_layouts/main.html is the layout generating the index page _includes/head.html is formatting, SEO, and styling _includes/nav.html is the navigation bar

Improvements to create a blog

The 11ty version of the Dark Portfolio theme was based off of the Eleventy Base Blog, which means that the index page added those components into the layout.

The index sections such as the "About" and "Gallery" could be created as pages or posts and slotted in. If you have time to make these improvements, please feel free to do so and make a pull request.

You can take a look at the Eleventy blog for some inspiration on how to set up the blog and archive features. However, it is probably just as quick to take another Jekyll theme and build out the features using that.

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