Development repository for the STARLinG Lab's webpage. Built wtih Jekyll, jQuery, and the minimal-mistakes Jekyll theme.


Development repository for the StARLinG Lab's webpage. Built with Jekyll, jQuery, and the minimal-mistakes Jekyll theme.

Maintained by Alexander L. Hayes and Harsha Kokel.

Contact: {alexander.hayes/harsha.kokel}

Quick-start Guide (Linux and OSX)

  • Install Ruby and RubyGems (refer to Jekyll installation and quick-start guide).
  • git clone
  • gem install jekyll bundler
  • bundle install
  • bundle exec jekyll serve
  • Navigate to in your browser.

Creating a Production Build

  1. Make sure your branch is even with the master branch.

  2. Tag the current state as a new version (based on SemVer).

  3. Trigger a production build with Jekyll.

  4. Move the _site folder produced by Jekyll to the appropriate location on the Apache server.

     $ git branch --list
     $ git pull
     $ git tag --list
     $ git tag -a v1.0.7 -m "This fixes x, y, and z."
     $ git push origin v1.0.7
     $ JEKYLL_ENV=production bundle exec jekyll build

Publishing the Website

Need access for this.

  1. Copy the _site folder created after the build to server

  2. Login to the

  3. switch to sudo

  4. move the _site folder to /var/www

  5. move to /var/www folder

  6. Back up the existing website

  7. Publish latest build

  8. Exit and remember to delete the _site folder from ~

     $ scp -r _site/ <net-id>
     $ ssh <net-id>
     $ sudo su
     $ cp -rf _site /var/www
     $ cd /var/www
     $ mv html v1.0.6
     $ mv _site html
     $ exit
     $ cd ~; rm -rf _site
     $ exit

Updates guide

  1. Publications are in /_data/publication.yml
  2. News updates go in /_news/...
  3. Lab member details are in /_data/authors.yml
  4. Gallery photos are in /_pages/
  5. Top navigation is in /_data/_navigation.yml


Refer to for documentation on submitting issues and pull requests.

A Guide to Updating the Website has more information on how to author new pages, and the same directory has templates that may be useful.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. See LICENSE.txt for a full copy of the license.


This work incorporates work from the following sources: