basic Jekyll project template repository to create a Bootstrap 4 website


bootstrap-template is a basic template repository to create a Bootstrap 4 site using Jekyll on GitHub Pages (or where every you want to host it). The layout is based on the Bootstrap starter template example with a navbar, search box (using lunr.js), and footer. It is intended as a quick starting point for creating new web projects.


Please note: this template uses Bootstrap 4. For most recent version check bootstrap5-template.

Get Started

  • Click green "Use this template" button to make a copy of the code in your own repository (alternatively, use Import or manually copy files)
  • Edit _config.yml with your site information
  • In your new repository visit "Settings" > "Pages" to activate GitHub Pages
  • Edit and create pages in the "pages" folder (probably in Markdown). Use each page's yaml front matter to populate the navbar:
    • title will appear as h1 at top of the page content.
    • nav if this option has a value, it will appear in the navbar as link to this page.
    • nav_order navbar items will be sorted using this number.
  • Use "includes" to simplify adding Bootstrap features to Markdown pages (see comments in the "_include/" files for instructions).

See docs/ for more details.


  • Tweak base variables in assets/css/main.scss (text color, link color, container size)
  • Tweak bootstrap theme colors using _data/theme-colors.csv (add a css color in the color column next to the BS color-class to override, or create a new class name. This will generate btn-, text-, and bg- classes.)
  • Add custom CSS to _sass/_custom.scss (content of _sass/_template.scss relates to template components)
  • Use Bootstrap to customize _layouts/ and _includes/template/.

Template Assets

Included in assets/lib folder:

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