Making changes

Most files can be edited directly. If you're making changes to the schedule, please go inside the directory for the current year, manually edit talks.json and run ../bin/ to update the schedule on the Website (Markdown files in talks/) and Giggity (XML file giggity.xml). Please include all relevant changes (at least three files) in your commit. If you don't want to run the scripts you may also only change talks.json or open an issue.

You can either open a pull request on GitHub or send patches (git-send-email) to [email protected].


get jekyll running

in order to contribute you'll need ruby and 'jekyll' installed: follow this guide: as soon as 'jekyll serve' works, you should be fine

clone tuebixorg

now it's time to clone: git clone

try jekyll with tuebixorg

just mess around and watch the local changes with "jekyll serve" have fun!

jekyll with github-pages

connection with github was set up along this guide:

jekyll logo

Want a Jekyll website built?

Hire a Jekyll developer