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PFHub is a location to compare and contrast phase field codes. See the main web site for more details. To develop or update the site, please see the Development Guide.


Nix is excellent choice to get started with deploying this website. If you don't prefer Nix then use the Docker container.

Deploy Using Nix

To install an environment to run the website using Nix, consult the Nix Guide.

Deploy Using Docker

To install an environment to run the website using Docker, consult the Docker Guide.


If you use this website in your reseach, please see CITATION.cff and cite it as follows:

Wheeler, D., Keller, T., DeWitt, S. J., Jokisaari, A. M., Schwen, D., Guyer, J. E., Aagesen, L. K., Heinonen, O. G., Tonks, M. R., Voorhees, P. W., Warren, J. A. (2019). PFHub: The Phase-Field Community Hub. Journal of Open Research Software, 7(1), 29. DOI: