A minimal one-column theme for Jekyll.


Mickey is a minimal one-column, responsive theme for Jekyll.

It's inspired by Hyde, Medium, and Squarespace.

See Mickey in action with the demo site or my personal blog.



Mickey requires Jekyll 2.x. and Gulp for workflow automation.

Make sure to run gem update jekyll if you aren’t on the latest version or gem install jekyll if this is your first time installing it.

If you want to use Mickey, please follow these steps:

  1. Fork the Mickey repo.
  2. Clone the repo you just forked and rename it.
  3. Run npm install to install the dependencies for the theme contained in package.json
  4. Update _config.yml with your own info and replace demo posts and pages with your own. Full details below.


Mickey includes some customizable options:

Post front matter

By default, we use the following:

layout:           post
title:            "your post title"
date:             2015-02-11T13:04:19+05:45 # XML Schema Date/Time
last_modified_at: 2015-03-15T05:20:00+05:45 # last page modified date/time
excerpt:          "for meta description" # Optional for overwriting content excerpt
categories:       your post categories # ["category1"] - best is to have one category in a post
tags:             your post tags # ["tag1", "tag2", "tag3"] - you can have several post tags
  feature: your post featured image file name # image.jpg, suggested size:  2000x700px
  topPosition: 0px # top position for featured image if needed
bgContrast: dark # Featured image contrast
bgGradientOpacity: darker # darker or lighter - control featured image opacity


To replace logos with your own, simply update the following files in assets/images/:

  • logo-white.svg
  • logo-black.svg
  • logo-text-white.svg
  • logo-text-black.svg


Vertical rhythm and spacing are mostly handled by typebase.css. If you want to change any settings related to typography (e.g. fonts, type scale...etc), please do it in _scss/_typography.scss


We have two types of blockquote design:

// For large featured quote
<blockquote class="largeQuote">...</blockquote>

// For normal quote
// Use 'u--startsWithDoubleQuote' class only when the quote starts with a double quote
<blockquote class="u--startsWithDoubleQuote"></blockquote>

Hanging quotes

If a paragraph starts with a quotation market, please add the following to support hanging quotes:

<p class="u--startsWithDoubleQuote">


To maintain vertical rhythm and spacing, I suggest using the following CSS class (e.g. img--5xLeading...img--16xLeading) to control the image height:

<div class="img img--fullContainer img--14xLeading" style="background-image: url();"></div>

You can reference _scss/_images.scss for details.


Mickey has two branches, but only one is used for active development.

  • master for development. All pull requests should be submitted against master.
  • gh-pages for our hosted landing page. Please avoid using this branch.

During development, simply run gulp in terminal and it will compile the jekyll site, compile Sass, create post thumbnails, launch BrowserSync & watch files for changes and recompile.

Source Sass files are located in _scss/, included into main.scss, and compile to assets/css/main.css.

Post thumbnails are automatically resized via Gulp's image resize package, and moved to assets/images/thumbnails. Any featured images you put in assets/images/hero will be automatically created


Vincent Chan


Open sourced under the MIT license.

Disclaimer: This Jekyll theme is not affiliated with Disney. Obviously :)