Light text markup for creating websites - the Jekyll version

Jekyll + jemdoc

Change basic information

Edit this file: _config.yml

Update the index page

Edit this file:

Update the publication page

Edit this file:

How to add a new page

  • Create a new file named ''
  • Copy the following lines to the new file: ```

layout: normal title: ABC

- Add your content using Markdown

The link of this page is `abc.html`

### How to change the navigation bar
Edit this file: [_includes/navbar.html](_includes/navbar.html), then the navigation bar on all pages will change
- Add a new item in the navigation bar:
``` - Add a new category in the navigation bar: ``` ```

How to add a text block

Add the following lines in the Markdown file:

<div class="infoblock">
    <div class="blockcontent">
    <p>Your content</p>

Using Locally with Jekyll

You need to install Ruby and Jekyll fisrt.

Install and run:

bundle install
bundle exec jekyll server

View the live page using localhost: http://localhost:4000. You can get the html files in _site folder.