Super slim Jekyll Theme created for math posts with easy mermaid diagram

If you want to use this theme

Please read this link.

I strongly recommand that you use this repo that I specially prepared for you! It has all the features that my personal webiste has and has no personal information of me. You can fork that repo or leave a star if you like.

However, you can still use this repo for some fine-tuning or hackering. But please at least use the "theme-for-fork" branch rather than the master branch.

If you still want to use the master branch for some reason, please remove files/ descriptions about yk-liu so I don't have to pester you to clean up. Also I would appreciate if you don't fork this repo, but clone it and upload to your own, so there is no network between you and me. And if you really like this repo, maybe consider giving it a star.

About this website

This website (source code here) uses these sources:

Module Mainly used in License/ TOS
Particle.js Homepage MIT
Visitor map Homepage, footer TOS
Homepage and color scheme Layout @ homepage, color scheme @ all pages MIT
List of recent post Homepage, Post index MIT
Search Post index, Tags index MIT
Side bar Post, all pages with these elements MIT
Table of content Post BSD-3 or MIT
Markdown vue theme and color scheme Markdown theme @ Post, color scheme @ all pages Apache-2.0
Tags, Tag cloud, Tag page Post, Post index, Tags index MIT, repo here. Tag page inspired by haixing-hu
Font size adjustment Post MIT
comment Post APGL-3.0
404 T-rex game 404 page from Chromium source code, license
Encryption Secret Pages MIT