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Résumé template

This is a Bootstrap résumé template pre-designed and pre-formatted. The only thing you must supply is content.

Every couple years I update my résumé. The trouble I always run into is that I end up rewriting my résumé because the software I used to build my résumé years ago is always too old. I finally gave up and made my résumé a web page.


This is a preformatted résumé, which means you have zero freedom on changing the format. To edit the conent, you must edit the Yaml files below, all are found in the directory _data:

  • about.yml
  • contacts.yml
  • interests.yml
  • projects.yml
  • skills.yml
  • timeline.yml

Résumé format

I did away with the usual sections "experience" and "education" and combined the 2 into a timeline. These days, folks are used to seeing infromation displayed in a timeline (Facebook and Twitter). In the example, education is listed at the bottom and the most recent job experience is at the top.