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The website for the Carnegie Mellon Activities Board Technical Committee


We all have them.



  • Push changes to dev and wait for GitHub to build and upload the built artifact (keeps for 90 days, re-run build to get it again)
  • Once changes are confimed OK, merge with master and it will build again and also push to gh-pages

Note: We do not host the production website with GitHub Pages, but it is a convenient place to keep the latest built version from master. It also provides emergency fallback hosting should it ever be needed.

Simple (well, needs much more clarification)

  • Run the Docker container: docker run --rm -it --publish 4000:4000 -v `pwd`:/usr/src/app ghcr.io/abtech/abtech.org:dev bash
  • npm install --unsafe-perm (will install Ruby and NodeJS dependencies, --unsafe-perm since you are probably root in the container)
  • npm run-script serve (for live development)
  • npm run-script build-prod (for built app placed in _site)


  • Use the Ruby version found in the Dockerfile or .ruby-version (for consistency). It is recommended to use rbenv and run rbenv install
  • Install the gems with bundle install.
  • Use the NodeJS version found in the Dockerfile (for consistency) and run npm install.
  • Continue with instructions from Simple after the Docker and NPM install commands.

Tips & Instructions

Adding plugins

  1. Add to _config.yaml
  2. Add to Gemfile
  3. Run bundler update

Adding non-built files to root of repo

Files added to the root of the repo will automatically be built. Remove them by adding them to the exclude list in _config.yaml

Adding JS libraries

Ensure JS libraries are browser-ready (no dependencies once built, usually found in a dist folder).

  1. Install with npm install --save <package>
  2. Add node_modules/<package> to the include list in _config.yaml

Adding CSS/SCSS/SASS libraries

  1. Install with npm install --save <package>
  2. You should now be able to include them from within the _sass directory (example with how Bootstrap is included)


Clone this repo into your workspace. More info coming soon


It's a static website. Throw it on any web server (Apache, Nginx, etc.). Set the 404 page to /404.html.


Just send a pull request! Please contribute to the dev branch.


Code hosted at www-01.abtech.org:/srv/abtech.org

To load changes from server, simply pull (from gh-pages once it is built):

git pull


This website was refreshed by pnaseck in 2021 to use Jekyll. It was previously a Django site, which can be found in the legacy-pre-2021 branch.