Create pull requests for blog comments posted via a form (v1 function)

Jekyll Blog Comments Azure Function

An Azure Function App that receives comment form posts and creates a pull request against your GitHub repository as part of the jekyll-blog-comments system.

The app includes just one function:

  • PostComment - receives form POST submission and creates a PR to add the comment to your Jekyll site


To set this up, you'll need to have an Azure Portal account.

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create a v1 Azure Function
  3. Create subscription key in Microsoft Azure Recognition optional
  4. Set up your function to deploy from your fork
  5. Set up the following App Settings for your Azure Function
Setting Value
PullRequestRepository owner/name of the repository that houses your Jekyll site for pull requests to be created against. For example, haacked/ will post to
GitHubToken A GitHub personal access token with access to edit your target repository.
CommentWebsiteUrl The URL to the website that hosts the comments. This is used to make sure the correct site is posting comments to the receiver.
CommentFallbackCommitEmail The email address to use for GitHub commits and PR's if the form does not supply one.
SentimentAnalysis.SubscriptionKey Subscription Key for Microsoft Azure Recognition, if you don't want to use, just leave empty.
SentimentAnalysis.Region Region for your Subscription key (E.g.: westus)
SentimentAnalysis.Lang Language for comment, find lang code here