CV theme made with Jekyll and Sass.

Online resume with Jekyll

Visit my blog post about this repo "Como criar um currículo no Github Pages com Jekyll" (pt-br)

I made this resume with Jekyll, using Sass in the CSS. I choose Jekyll because I can deploy it in Github Pages easily and totally free.

In Jekyll Docs you have a step by step tutorial. I used in Windows with WSL with no problems. It is really easy to follow, but in my DEVs page I pretend to post a simple to follow tutorial about the process.

Using the resume theme

  1. Fork and clone the repo in your workspace. git clone

  2. Install Ruby and after it install Jekyll (here is a tutorial).

  3. You have to run jekyll build to build the _site folder.

  4. Run Jekyll. jekyll serve

  5. Access it in your localhost:4000.

Folder structure

Name Description
_data Database files in .yml. Includes contact, education, profile and social data.
_experience Experience collection. Every file contains working experience in markdown. order means the order of appearance in the view.
_includes Have the template for contact, education, experience, profile and social views.
_layout Contains the only layout of the page: default.
assets Includes the CSS and all the images from the theme.


You can find the MIT license in the LICENSE file. You can use and edit this files wherever you want, but remember to always maintain the credits.