A Jekyll theme for academic sites.

Created by Eric M. Fink, based on alshedivat/al-folio, using elements from clayh53/tufte-jekyll (figures, and side/margin notes in the style of Edward Tufte and andhart/bijou (table and button styles)




  1. Edit _config.yml:
  • Edit the url:, baseurl:, title:, and description: with the applicable information for your site.
  • Edit the author: block with your name, institutional affiliation, job title, and contact details.
  • Edit the course: block with the relevant information for your course (if applicable). You can delete this block if you are not making a course website.
  • In the transfer: block of the #deployment settings, edit the destination to use your GitHub Pages username instead of EricMFink. This is used by the rakefile when building your site and pushing it to the GitHubPages branch.
  1. Edit .yml files in _data directory with the appropriate information for your classes, publications, social networks, and pages you want to be listed in your site's navigation menu.

  2. Edit files in _pages directory with the appropriate content for your site.

  3. Edit files in _layouts as desired to modify page styles and content.

Building site for hosting on GitHub Pages

To use this theme for a GitHub Pages site, you must publish your site from a gh-pages branch:

  1. Optional: To use EricMFink/Akademicky as a remote Jekyll theme, uncomment remote_theme line in _config.yml file.
  2. Commit all changes to main branch locally and push to remote main branch to GitHub.
  3. Run the rakefile, using rake command. This will build the site, commit it to the gh-pages`` branch locally, and push it to the remote gh-pages`` branch on GitHub.
    • The rakefile uses information entered under deployment in your site's _config.yml file, so be sure you have entered that information correctly.


Personal site with pages for publications and courses taught


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