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Getting started from scratch

  1. Clone
    git clone
  2. Change directory
    cd LatexJekyll
  3. Updating bundle to resolve dependecy errors bundle update

    Before running bundle update command make sure your system meets the Jekyll Installation Requirements.

  4. Start Jekyll Server
    jekyll serve
  5. Connect to localhost

What is there?

Title settings

  • title - Set the main page title
  • author - Set the authors name on the title page. Removed if none defined.
  • date - Set the front page date. Removed if none defined.
  • abstract - Set the text for the abstract. Removed if none defined.


  • Section - Sets font styling of section. Requires manual numbering. <p class="Section">1 &ensp; Introduction</p>
  • Sub Section - Sets font styling of subsection. Requires manual numbering. <p class="SubSection">1.2 &ensp; Text Styles</p>

Body settings

  • BodyText - Sets paragraph settings for single column. <p class="BodyText">
  • BodyText2Col - Sets paragraph settings for double colum. <p class="BodyText2Col">
  • BodyText3Col - Sets paragraph settings for triple column. <p class="BodyText3Col">
  • Justified - Justifies text to take 100% of the width. <p class="Justified">

Font sizes

  • tiny
  • scriptsize
  • footnotesize
  • small
  • normalsize
  • large
  • Large
  • huge
  • HUGE


Maths is delivered using mathJax. An inline latex equation can be done with "\( ... \)" or on a new line using "\[ ... \]".