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{ Personal } Jekyll Theme

{ Personal } is a free responsive Jekyll theme, about you :wink:

You can watch it in action here!

What value does { Personal } add

  • Fork of Timeline (mashup of Grayscale by Start Bootstrap and Agency Jekyll Theme)

    • Modern and minimal design
      • Responsive templates for home page, blog archive and posts. Looks great on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
      • Sweet animations
      • Gracefully degrades in older browsers. Compatible with Internet Explorer 8+ and all modern browsers
    • Timeline
      • Tell your story so far with a sleek timeline of dates, pictures and descriptions
    • White on black text, making the reading experience tireless
    • Google analytics
  • Customization and full control of your website and blog through the site config

  • Customization of the website's coloring

  • Blogging functionality

    • Preview of the latest post in the home page
    • Archive page
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Emojis
    • Gesture navigation in archive and post pages by swiping
    • Hashtags
    • Categories
    • Disqus comments
    • Bootstrap share buttons
    • RSS feed
  • Author blurb under the posts

  • 404 page

  • iOS and Android Web App mode

  • Enforcing of https protocol

  • Protection from email harvesting

  • Sitemap

  • Travis CI integration with html-proofer


The theme contains documentation in the form of blog posts.

How to run locally

First, you need to install jekyll and the dependencies of { Personal } by running:


Then, you can build and serve your website by simply running:


To serve across lan (requires su to forward the port 4000 over lan):


OSS used in { Personal }

One of the reasons { Personal } is real is the following OSS projects:

  1. Grayscale
  2. hammer.js
  3. highlightjs
  4. RRSSB
  5. Timeline
  6. typed.js