Dev portfolio static site showing a user's Github repos grouped by topic

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Dev portfolio static site showing a user's GitHub repos grouped by topic

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Showcase your GitHub repos as a statically-rendered site. Built on Jekyll and GitHub GraphQL API.

The project is deployed and hosted on Netlify. GitHub Actions is used to trigger a build daily, to ensure the latest repo info is used.




This page shows a list of all of the user's repos. With optional filter on name.


Show all repos grouped by topic (e.g. #jekyll or #github-pages-site).

Setup your own portfolio

How to reuse this repo and to make portfolio site for yourself.

  1. Fork this repo to your own GitHub account.
  2. Follow instructions in the docs for local or remote setup.
  3. Make any custom updates like config values and making the doc badges point to your repo.
  4. Comply with License section below.

In the setup instructions, you'll generate a GitHub secret token for your account. The GitHub GraphQL query will then get data for you as the authenticating user. You do not have to set your own GitHub username anywhere.



Released under MIT by @MichaelCurrin.

Feel free to use this project for your own portfolio - as a fork or a new project. Please add a link back to this repo.

If you use a significant portions of code for another project, you need to a copy of the original source in you repo.