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This dark theme website-boilerplate combines Webpack, Jekyll, Bootstrap and much more. Additionally, you can just add other packages from npm and/or gems from RubyGems as you like.

Further, it has an easily exchangeable WebGL canvas header as an animated 3D background. The GLSLX shader files are also watched in the development mode of this boilerplate. That means, if you edit them and save your changes, the shaders will be recompiled and reloaded immediately.

You are welcome to use this boilerplate to edit the existing shaders or to create a completely new WebGL header. I am curious what you will develop. If you need inspiration, check out Shadertoy or GLSL Sandbox for fragment shaders and Vertexshaderart for vertex shaders. There you can see what's possible.

If you don't need this boilerplate with all the bells and whistles, but want a WebGL canvas boilerplate as a quick and easy live editor, or if you just want the pure minimized bundles as a 3D animated background, look here.

Note: WebGL canvas headers can make your CPU sweat, but it gets colder as you scroll down :wink:

Feature Overview

npm RubyGems jQuery BABEL Font Awesome Google Search Console

Branch: master

webpack Bootstrap jekyll Node.js nvm Sass Squoosh imagemin

Note: imagemin-mozjpeg, -pngquant & -gifsicle are deactivated by default due to currently unresolved vulnerabilities. Feel free to change this here watcher.config.mjs (e. g. imagemin-pngquant is faster than Squoosh-oxipng).

Releases: v1 > v2 > v3 > v4



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Additional Feature Information: v4.0

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Feature Presentation: Exchangeable WebGL Header






Feature Presentation: Screen Size Adaption

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Other Version

You can get a bright version here:

More Information

You can use one of these boilerplates as a starting template to make your web appearance, blogging and portfolio awesome. They are heavily based on the magnificent work of Stephen Arsenault [License: MIT], Nathan Randecker [License: MIT; Copyright: © 2016 Nathan Randecker], me Sitdisch and many more.

For more information about this boilerplate, and to see what's possible even with an older version, take a look at my personal GitHub page here:

P.s. don't be afraid of the cookie consent window on my website. I don't record your personal data. It's only necessary to satisfy the lawyers out there.

Have a nice day.


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