A clean, elegant and minimalist Jekyll template. Designed for prose.

Introduction to the style

I have often tried to design a weblog style that would focus on the content and would still be elegant and nice to look at. I don’t pretend I have achieved it yet. But here is my most recent attempt at it. I’m making this template for Jekyll available now. Please use and hack!


Getting started

  1. Make yourself comfortable
    Open _config.yml and change the settings to your liking. Name, description, menus, (...) are all set in there.

  2. Install dependencies
    After cloning this repo, make sure you have bundler installed (if not, run gem install bundler), then:

    cd Schrift/
    bundle install
  3. Run & test
    You can now use bundle exec jekyll serve and bundle exec jekyll build to test and compile your blog.