Remple is a very simple resume template built for jekyll. Here is a demo.


Prerequisite: Knowledge of Github and Markdown Syntax

Step 1

  • Fork the repository.
  • [Optional] You can change the repository name from Settings > Options > Repository name.

Step 2

  • Edit the _config.yml file.
  • Change the values for title, description, email, linkedin, github, website and medium with your credentials.
  • If you have changed your repository name from remple to your preferred name, you need to change the value for baseurl from "/remple/" to "/[your preferred name]/".

Step 3

  • Edit the file with your credentials.

Step 4

  • Delete the my-photo.jpg file.
  • Upload your image file, making sure to name it as my-photo.jpg. If you want to name your image file to your preferred name or the file extension to your image file is different, then you need to change the value for photo_url in the _config.yml file to your preferred name or with correct file extension as well.

Step 5

  • Activate GitHub Pages for this site from Settings > Options > GitHub Pages.
  • Choose master as the source branch and / (root) as the folder.
  • You can then access your site at [github_user_name][repo_name]/
  • Note: repo_name is remple if you have not changed your repository name otherwise it is your preferred name.


MIT License
This work is licensed under the MIT License.

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