A Jekyll theme embodying simplicity and scholarship. Clean design, minimalistic aesthetics, and a scholarly touch for a distraction-free reading and learning experience.

Lavender Scholar Lite

How to Use

Step 1. Install necessary gem bundles

  1. Add gem "jekyll-remote-theme" to Gemfile.

  2. Execute bundle install

Step 2. Add gem bundles

  1. Add - jekyll-seo-tag after plugins: in _config.yml.

  2. Add - jekyll-remote-theme after plugins: in _config.yml.

Step 3. Set remote theme

  1. Remove theme: minima in _config.yml.

  2. Add remote_theme: zeyu-xie/Lavender-Scholar-Lite to _config.yml

Step 4. Write your configuration

  1. Download template _config.yml

  2. Make possible adjustments.


Basic Site Info

Example of basic site info is displayed below.

baseurl: blog

title: Wisteria Moments
    name: Acan
    email: [email protected]
description: >
    My moments found in Jan 2024.
lang: en
  • baseurl The subpath of your site. e.g. /blog

  • url The base hostname & protocol for your site. e.g.

  • title The site title. e.g. Wisteria Moments

  • author The site author's info list.

    • name: The site author's name. e.g. Acan
    • email: The site author's email. e.g. [email protected]
    • github: The site author's GitHub URL. e.g.
  • description The site's description.

  • lang: The site's language.

Theme-Specific Settings

Example of theme-specific settings is displayed below.

    label: ©️
    identity: Acan
    content: All rights reserved.

date_format: "%b %-d, %Y"
show_excerpts: true

customized_background: false
  • copyright Copyright Info
    • label: Copyright label. e.g. ©️
    • identity: Name or Organization. e.g. Acan
    • content: Copyright static description. e.g. Copyright All rights reserved.
  • date_format Format for displaying date. e.g. "%b %-d, %Y"
  • show_excerpts Whether show excerpts of articles on homepage or not. e.g. true
  • customized_background Whether add background image to the post or not. e.g. false
  • customized_background_url Background image URL. e.g. /assets/image/bg-xxx.jpeg p.s. You can choose either full URL or relative URL. If you use relative URL, the base URL is