Jekyll Now + Bootstrap 4. For community or company blogs. Supports categories & multiple authors.

Jekyll Now is a forkable starter template for creating a Jekyll blog by Barry Clark.

This project is a clone of barryclark/jekyll-now from this commit.

Jekyll Now with Bootstrap 4

In addition to the original features, this version includes some more features which I needed in multiple projects. Bootstrap is just handy.

Demo Link:


  • Uses Bootstrap 4.5.0 layout.

  • Supports categories as a collection:

    • Each category gets a /category/:name page with meta-data.
    • /category lists all categories, along with all articles under them so far.
  • Supports authors as a collection:

    • Each author gets a /authors/:name page with social links and bio.
    • /authors lists all authors. For now.
  • Includes /_data, currently used for navigation links only.

    This one isn't a "necessary" addition but allows for much freedom in the long run. Or so I think 🙌

  • Supports Profile Pictures, which falls back to a placeholder avatar with custom initials set in the author's markdown file.

  • Plugins used:

    • jekyll-paginate: Pagination as /articles/:num/
    • jekyll-mentions: Support for mentions, defaulting to Twitter.
    • jekyll-redirect-from: Support for redirecting pages. Must-have, really.
    • jekyll-gist: Supports for gists.
  • Basic styling options with Sass variables:

    • primary-light & primary-dark.
    • accent: This is the only one I've used everywhere.
  • Layout options:

    • default: Includes the navigation and footer.
    • jumbo-section: Adds a hero navigation jumbotron component from bootstrap.
    • none: For truly independent pages.
    • page: Standard go-to page template.
    • standalone: Includes default setup with <main>.


  • This is by default no longer meant for user or organisation websites, like <username/org-name>, unlike how Jekyll Now was made. However, it can be easily be made to do support that.

  • For project websites, update baseurl in _config.yml as the repository name.

    e.g. If the name of the repository is assumed to be repo then the baseurl should be set as /repo, while the website can be viewed on <username/org-name>

  • Removed Disqus related code.

    This part can be easily restored from Jekyll Now. I don't ever use it though.

  • jekyll-avatar was added, then removed later due to this issue.

  • /articles/index.html is needed instead of a simpler / since jekyll-paginate requires an index.html file. No support for *.md 😔


As a template, I'm adding only those features which I deem necessary. For any features you may need, raise an issue and let's discuss!


Ajit Panigrahi – @AjitZero – Ping me on Twitter for any urgent queries, raise an issue for anything else.

Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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