generates audio podcast feed for jekyll.

jekyll podcast

jekyll podcast generates audio podcast feed and note for jekyll.

why jekyll podcast

uploading podcasts is not as easy as uploading videos, you have to own or borrow a web server to host your content.

there are a lot of platforms for people to upload podcasts, but some of them spend your money, some of them cannot be configured to your requirement.

although there are also some podcast holding solutions for jekyll, they are difficult to use. and they don't have a solution to generate web pages for your podcast.

to solve these problems, t build this configurable jekyll-podcast. you can host it on free jekyll services (like github, gitlab), then you can buy a better 🎙.

getting started

setting up

  1. download all files from github.
  2. copy podcast.xml to [jekyll project]/.
  3. copy podcast.html to [jekyll project]/_layouts/.
  4. add configs below to [jekyll project]/_config.yaml, then edit it according to your information. (see sample)
  title: [title]
  description: [description]
  url: /podcast.xml # podcast xml url
  author: [podcast author]
  email: [podcast email]
  logo: [podcast logo url] # logo in 1400 – 3000 pixel
  language: [language] #
  category: [category] #
  subcategory: [subcategory]
  type: [podcast type] # episodic | serial
  explicit: [explicit state] # true | false
  complete: [complete state] # 'yes' | 'no'
  block: [block state] # 'yes' | 'no'


  1. learn kekyll with step by step tutorial.
  2. create a new post with front matter below, then edit it according to your information. (see sample)
layout: podcast
categories: podcast # podcast
title: jekyll podcast sample
author: sayo melu
season: 2
episode: 9
episodeType: full # full | trailer | bonus
explicit: false # true | false
length: 3927 # in seconds
  1. write your episode notes below.
  2. upload all jekyll project files to your server.
  3. your podcast feed will be at [jekyll project url]/podcast.xml.


use podcast validator (web), itunes (macos, windows), antennapod (android), apple podcasts (ios), etc. to validate your rss feed.

if you have any problems, please create an issue on github to ask questions or suggest ideas.


sayo cast hosted on gitlab.