markdown cv / résumé built with jekyll


A jekyll-based markdown CV, which currently looks something like this, see this blog post for details. Forked from the (great) markdown CV of elipapa.

How to use

To build, clone the repo and run jekyll:

git clone git://
cd md-cv/
jekyll serve

(You may need to install jekyll.)

Then point your browser to

HTML version

The HTML version is generated by Jekyll under _site using media/cv-screen.css. Most changes from the original repo are artificial:

  • fixed horizontal scrolling issue caused by lots of funky CSS positioning (lots of left etc.)
  • messed with colours, fonts
  • now imports font-awesome icons and Open sans
  • moved ul into 3-col layout (iirc following another markdown cv I tried)

PDF version

Note the separate CSS for print and screen media (see media/cv-print.css), my approach was to build a somewhat "jazzy" html version and a toned-down print version (for PDF). My changes introduce CSS3 columns in some sections which currently don't print to PDF under the blink/webkit engines (as of March 2015), so to print properly I suggest firefox.

Another problem with the PDF is pagebreaks, they're often not handled gracefully so I've added one in explicitly. Say you want a pagebreak before the section titled "education" (h2 text is set to id so use unique section headers!), the print media CSS would be:

#education {
    page-break-before: always;