Long Haul is a minimal jekyll theme built with SASS and focuses on long form blog posts. It is meant to be used as a starting point for a jekyll blog/website.

If you really enjoy Long Haul and want to give me credit somewhere on the internet send or tweet out your experience with Long Haul and tag me @brianmaierjr.

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  • Minimal, Type Focused Design
  • Built with SASS
  • SVG Social Icons
  • Responsive Nav Menu
  • XML Feed for RSS Readers
  • Contact Form via Formspree
  • 5 Post Loop with excerpt on Home Page
  • Previous / Next Post Navigation
  • Estimated Reading Time for posts
  • Stylish Drop Cap on posts
  • A Better Type Scale for all devices
  • Comments powered by Disqus
  • Dark Mode support via prefers-color-scheme


  1. Install Jekyll
  2. Fork the Long Haul repo
  3. Clone it
  4. Install Bundler
  5. Run bundle install
  6. Run Jekyll Serve and Watch commandbundle exec jekyll serve -w

Site Settings

The main settings can be found inside the _config.yml file:

  • title: title of your site
  • description: description of your site
  • url: your url
  • paginate: the amount of posts displayed on homepage
  • navigation: these are the links in the main site navigation
  • social diverse social media usernames (optional)
  • google_analytics Google Analytics key (optional)

Header Option

If you'd like your header to be larger then you can use the option below in you config.yml to make it take up half of the vertical space on screens 800px wide and up. Preview image below.

  • header: large

To use on GitHub Pages

To use latest Jekyll and Jekyll Sass Converter on GitHub Pages, you can now deploy to a GitHub Pages site using GitHub Actions.


This is MIT with no added caveats, so feel free to use this Jekyll theme on your site without linking back to me or using a disclaimer.