An emotional and adorable blog theme powered by Jekyll.

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Satellite🛰️ - Jekyll blog theme

An emotional and adorable blog theme powered by Jekyll.

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Fresh and Attractive Design


  • Comment System using giscus
  • Copy contents of Code Block
  • Dark/Light Theme
  • Google Analytics
  • Hierarchical Categorization
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Related Posts
  • RSS/Sitemap support
  • Search Post by Title or Tags
  • Syntax Highlighter (highlight.js)
  • Table of Contents
  • Visitor Counter (goatcounter)


There are two ways to setup this theme:

Fork this repository or download the source as a zip.

If you use as destination a repository named, then your url will be

Otherwise (let's say myblog), you need to edit the 'baseurl' parameter in _config.yml. In this case, the root page will be served to "".

# set baseurl as "/<repo-name>". ex) baseurl: /myblog
baseurl: /myblog

Method 2: Utilize Gem package

Create a clean site directory (Follow the Instruction 1~4 described here).

The following materials are redundant, so remove them.

  • index.markdown
  • about.markdown

Then, add this line to your Jekyll site's Gemfile:

gem "jekyll-theme-satellite"

You need to replace the initial _config.yml file with the prepared one.

Modify your site setting

Now fill in the site variable such as blog name, profile image, and social accounts in _config.yml.

description: "Satellite - jekyll blog theme"
logo_img: "/assets/img/favicon.webp"
profile_img: "/assets/img/profile.jpg"

# Social Links
email: [email protected]
github_username: github
twitter_username: twitter
instagram_username: instagram
linkedin_username: linkedin
facebook_username: facebook

Run site locally

From the site root directory, install the dependencies:

bundle install

Start a Jekyll service.

bundle exec jekyll serve

Now open http://localhost:4000 in your browser.


You can find useful manuals for customizing your site from the below table:

Posting guidelines link
Enabling comment system link
Enabling Visitor counter link


If you would like to report a bug or request a new feature, please open an issue We are open to any kind of feedback or collaboration.


© 2024 Yankos. This theme is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.