Handsomely Theme by Deenesh Chowdhary - Jekyll Version

Live Demo → (https://deeneshchowdhary.github.io/handsomely/)

Before you Being

In the _config.yml file, please edit necessary fields to reflect your handome website.

What's Included

A full Jekyll environment is included with this theme. If you have Jekyll installed, simply run 'jekyll serve --watch' in your command line and preview the build in your browser. You can use the same command to watch for changes in the source files as well.


  1. Responsive Design (Skeleton) - Vist developer site here (http://getskeleton.com/)
  2. Typography - Google Font
  3. Pure HTML5 and CSS - No Javascript
  4. Lightweight and Clean Design


Vist my personal website at http://deeneshchowdhary.com and feel free to comment and send feedback.


The theme is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

Thank you for using Handsomely Theme!

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