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FIRSTwiki: wiki site

FIRSTwiki is an open-content encyclopedia about the FIRST Robotics Competition, designed to provide a useful resource for all aspects of the FIRST community. Following the tenets of gracious professionalism, members contribute back to the community by recording useful information that other members can benefit from.

FIRSTwiki is a different kind of wiki, hosted on github pages instead of on a traditional wiki platform. See for more information. It's unclear how well this form of wiki will work, but it's worth the experiment. :)

About this repository

Contains all FIRSTwiki wiki content that doesn't fall into a specific category.

More information


Running locally

This site uses jekyll and the github pages tools to generate HTML files from various metadata. To run a copy of this site locally (assuming you have ruby installed), you can run the following:

gem install bundler
bundle install

Once that is done, you can start the site using the following shell script:


More information can be found on the _scripts repository


All content on FIRSTwiki is available via the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3.

This is a community project and is not directly associated with or endorsed by the FIRST Robotics Competition.

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