A Jekyll template for a simple CV & portfolio website


A Jekyll template for a simple two page CV & portfolio website, packed with features and customisation. CV-olio is designed to be compatible with all modern browsers and does not rely on JavaScript. With no external dependencies it can even be distributed on a USB stick.

  • responsive
  • uses golden ratio where appropriate
  • no CSS frameworks
  • no external dependencies
  • no JavaScript
  • fonts embedded in CSS
  • favicon embedded in CSS (optional)
  • inline SVG icons (rather than icon fonts)
  • custom CSS for printing CV page
  • structured data (optional)
  • optimised for organic search (optional)

Demo site -



Option Description Required Default Notes
owner Your full name :white_check_mark: used in page titles
github Your Github username (without the @) used in navigation menu
baseurl see Serve Command Options in the docs
url :white_check_mark:
pattern-style Your prefered pattern style none used for the background in large viewports
pattern-foreground Colour of pattern itself black use CSS named colours, or hex values
pattern-background Colour of pattern background white use CSS named colours, or hex values
pattern-size Width and height of individual pattern tiles 1 use integers (compiles to multiples of em)
language declared language of site :white_check_mark: en ISO 639-1

Portfolio items

Item descriptions are simply taken from the Markdown beneath the YAML.

Option Description Required Default Notes
title Item title :white_check_mark: avoid >40 characters
employer Name of organisation/person this work was created for
image File name of corresponding image in /_images title.jpg
skill¹ List of skills associated with this work comma separated list
link Link to relevant page on external site
link-text Anchor text for link link
display-order Custom sort by ascending integer value alphabetical by filename

¹ Not yet working


Edit /_includes/favicon.html to either use a base64 encoded favicon or link to an external file.


Many thanks to the people behind the projects this project relies on:

  • PatternBolt - Ruggero Motta, Martin Iturrieta (The MIT License)
  • Lora - Olga Karpushina, Alexei Vanyashin (SIL Open Font License)
  • Muli - Vernon Adams (SIL Open Font License)
  • Entypo - Daniel Bruce (CC BY-SA 4.0)
  • Jekyll - (The MIT License)