Starter project for Jekyll using gulp


Version 1.0

A jekyll starter kit using a gulp workflow


  • Gulp
  • BrowserSync for live browser reloading
  • Gulp-Sass
  • Autoprefixer
  • some other stuff

Getting started

Install pre-requisites

  • Xcode command line utilities xcode-select --install
  • Homebrew
  • Node.js brew install node
  • Gulp npm install -g gulp
  • Ruby brew install ruby
  • Jekyll gem install jekyll


git clone
cd jekyll-gulp-starter
npm install

Then run gulp in the terminal

Adding Comments

  • Create an account at Disqus .
  • Install on a new site and follow setup instructions.
  • In _config.yml update Disqus shortname and remove #.
  • In post.html remove comments around {% include disqus.html %} and add comments: true to the front matter. Comments should now load automatically.