A Beautiful Jekyll Theme For Links


Checkout the Demo Here


System Requirements

Up and Running

  • Fork this Repository
  • Edit the _config.yml
  • Fill the available details accordingly
  • Commit the changes

Links is also Netlify ready. ✅
You can checkout the netlify version up and running here.

Want to set this up locally?

  • Clone this Repository using Git

    Kindly Change [USERNAME] with your own GitHub UserName

    git clone[USERNAME]/Links
  • Go to the project directory
    cd links
  • Install Links with npm
    npm start

Want to set this up on Docker?

View repository on Docker Hub

  • Edit your _config.yml
  • Fill in the available details accordingly
  • Run the Docker container:
    docker run -d -p 4000:4000 -v /absolute/path/to/_config.yml:/app/_config.yml --name links harsh98trivedi/links:latest
  • Open the browser and go to links-ip:4000. You should see your links site up and running!

Note: Whenever you make changes to the _config.yml file, you need to stop and remove the Docker container, then recreate it:

docker stop links && docker rm links && docker run -d -p 4000:4000 -v /absolute/path/to/_config.yml:/app/_config.yml --name links harsh98trivedi/links:latest

Content Credits

Special Thanks to Rohit Motwani for configuring Nodemon and making it up and running with his geeky mind, Hitanshu Sahu for improving the design with his awesome UI skills and Nelson Dane for making this compatible with Docker


The contents of this repository are licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0