Nuboard is a free and open-source Jekyll theme with separate pages for showcasing your case studies, portfolio, and podcast.


Nuboard-theme is a minimal, responsive, and powerful Jekyll theme and is the best suite for your podcast, case study, and project showcase.

To use it, you must first clone it on your system or download the zip file.


To use it, you must first have the latter dependencies installed.

  • Ruby version 2.5.0 or higher, including all development headers (check your Ruby version using ruby -v)
  • RubyGems (check your Gems version using gem -v)
  • GCC and Make (check versions using gcc -v,g++ -v, and make -v)
  • NPM for tailwind


gem install nuboard-theme

For the dependencies


This command installs the Gems mentioned in your Gemfile.lock.

And to make tailwind work.

npm install

Running Local Server

bundle exec jekyll serve

NOTE: If you are using Ruby version 3.0.0 or higher, step 5 may fail. You may fix it by adding webrick to your dependencies: bundle add webrick


This work is published under MIT License.