Jekyll install for my personal website and blog

union.io: a Jekyll-powered site


My name is Ian. I write code and love fonts. You can find me on Twitter, on YouTube, and in Los Angeles.


This repository is a heavily customized version of the “Clean Blog” theme, a Jekyll template maintained here on GitHub.

I usually end up writing about typography, coding or baseball.


The site currently deploys to my personal blog, which you can find at https://blog.union.io/


I’ve been maintaining this repository since December of 2015, but I’ve included material of mine from as far back as 2010. I typically post every few months or so.


If you want to learn how, or why, I made this blog, check out my post on those topics. And yes, that post is currently sitting in this repository.

Further reading

You can check out the /docs directory for documentation specific to this site. If you have any other questions or thoughtful comments, reach out to me on Twitter or GitHub and say hi.