This is a multilingual, modern, responsive, modular-design and easy-customizable Portfolio

#My Personal Portfolio 😁



This is a multilingual, responsive, modularized and easy-customizable portofolio using Jeckyll to adapt it to Github Pages, CSS and Javascript.

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How to Use it

  • You can fork this repository to a repository with the form <"your-username">.github.io
  • To easily change the color of the Portfolio I use a few color vars applied to the whole webpage in the style.css file
   :root {
       --background: #010E1B;
       --highlight-light: #A8DADC;
       --contrast-font: #FFF ;
       --inactive-font: #DEE2E6;
       --underline: #24ff07;
  • Almost all the content is in data folder, in which you have the translations for each section
  • The layouts of the sections are in the includes folder
  • The main information about the autor is in _config.yml file, witch includes social-links and personal data

Know Issues

There is also a downloadable-resume to PDF file, it use an HTML2pdf javascript file, that can't process external CSS file so you have to manually change the style of the downloadable-resume.html file. Another issue about this, is that automatically export HTML as A4 portrait pages, so the PDF maybe have rare looklike.