Jekyll-Uno - a minimal, responsive theme for Jekyll based on the Uno theme for Ghost.

:warning: This theme requires ruby and rubygems installed


  • Clean layout
  • Resposive layout
  • Pagination
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Social links
  • Tags listing page
  • Categories listing page
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Disqus integration

Install and Test

  1. Download or clone repo git clone
  2. Enter the folder: cd jekyll-uno/
  3. If you don't have bundler installed: gem install bundler
  4. Install Ruby gems: bundle install
  5. Start Jekyll server: bundle exec jekyll serve --watch

Access via: http://localhost:4000/jekyll-uno/

If you would like to run without using the github-pages gem, update your Gemfile to the following:

source ''
gem 'jekyll-paginate'
gem 'jekyll-watch'
gem 'kramdown'
gem 'kramdown-parser-gfm'

Demo and Download

Demo Download

It is under the MIT license.

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