JSON Resume Website

Visit the website at https://jsonresume.org/


There are two ways to run this website, locally or inside a VM.


1. Clone repository

git clone https://github.com/jsonresume/resume-website.git

2. Install Jekyll

  • Install RVM
  • Install Ruby 2.7
  • bundle exec install

3. Run Jekyll

jekyll serve --watch

This will run the Jekyll server on port 4000 and watch for any file changes.



  • Vagrant
  • VirtualBox

Simply run:

vagrant up
vagrant ssh
jekyll serve

Then open http://localhost:4000/.

The initial provision will take some time.

Note: The --watch flag for Jekyll has issues inside the VM, see Stack Overflow and jekyll/jekyll#1763.


This repository is auto built using GitHub/Jekyll and deployed to GitHub Pages automagically.

Pull requests should be made to the master branch.


Available under the MIT license.

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