Enhanced scribble Jekyll theme. https://scribble.demo.jxltom.me/.



Getting Started

  • Fork the repository.
  • Change repository name to yourgithubusername.github.io.
  • Set master branch as source of GitHub Pages. Then your website will be Http://yourgithubusername.github.io.


  • Basic configuration of _config.yml.

    • title. Title of your site which will display in the header.
    • description. Short bio or description which will display in the header.
    • url. Your website URL (e.g. http://jxltom.github.io or http://blog.jxltom.me). Used for sitemap.xml and your RSS feed. If you're hosting your site at a Project repository, the url still should be http://yourusername.github.io.
    • baseurl. If you're hosting your site at a Project repository on GitHub pages (http://yourusername.github.io/repository-name), NOT your User repository (http://yourusername.github.io), and Not using a custom domain. Then add in the baseurl here, like this: /repository-name.
  • Optional configuration of _config.yml.

    • signoff. Your name for signoff. Leave empty for no name signoff.
    • disqus or duoshuo. Enter your Disqus shortname (not your username) or your duoshuo shortname to enable commenting on posts. You can find your shortname on the Settings page of your Disqus account. You can only set one between disqus and duoshuo.
    • google_analytics. Enter your Google Analytics web tracking code (e.g. UA-2110908-2) to activate tracking.
    • links. A list of links which will show as navigation bar.
  • Custom about page. Update content or delete about.md for costom about page.

  • Domain. For custom domain settings, set CNAME file to your domain and add CNAME record in your DNS provider. Find more info in Using a custom domain with GitHub Pages.


  • Push new post with name as YYYY-MM-DD-post-name.md in _posts folder.

  • Options of a post. You can add options in metadata of a post header.

    • comment: y. If comment is set to y, at the end of the post there will be a Disqus or duoshuo thread. To enable comments, you also need to provide disqus or duoshuo in _config.yml.
    • share: y. An option for showing tweet and like button under a post.
  • GFM

    • Start header from ## in your post since title of post will be considered as #.

    • Hard line breaks in paragraphs are enforced by default in GFM parser of kramdown, which is the only parser of markdown in GitHub.

    • Note that following features of GFM are not supported since kramdown GFM parser, which is the only Github mardown parser, doesn't support them currently.

      • Emoji
      • Check box

Advanced Topics

  • Custom page width

    • Change max-width of footer and #container.
    • Change margin-left of .paging .right to half width of desired width plus 20px.
    • Change margin-right of .paging .left to half width of desired width plus 40px.


All development should be pushed to master branch. Branch gh-pages is only for demo.


  • SEO optimization
  • Better sharing function
  • CNZZ integration
  • Tags support
  • Add subheading support by page.description