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Yummy Jekyll Theme

A Simple, Bootstrap Based Theme. Especially for developers who like to show their projects on website and like to take notes. There are also some magical features to discover.

Live Demo

Open issues if you find bugs or even have trouble installing jekyll or dependencies. :D

Or contact:

Strongly suggest to fork and change project name to create your GitHub Pages instead of downloading it directly. Because in the future, I will develop many funny modules like 'footprint' to show your world wide trip. Could be easier to merge new features in the future.

Notable Features

  • Compatible with Jekyll 3.x and GitHub Pages
  • Based on Bootstrap
  • Github Module to show your popular projects in a single page and on sidebar automatically. (Datas are retreived by github metadata instead of by api calls, so no delay)
  • Post Module to show all your posts with timeline
  • Bookmark Module to establish a quick mark about all libs/tools/books you like to use.
  • Post Navigation Module to generat a quick directory of your post by titles/subtitles automatically.
  • Support Disqus Comment
  • Support Google Analytics

Features in future:

  • A Footprint module to show all your travel around the world
  • Feature to share. (Facebook, twitter, evernote and so on)
  • (Not sure) A embeded todo list. (Not sure) to travel, to complete, to do for your parents, etc. To do in life!
  • Creative ideas to discuss with you :P

Install and setup

Before using it, you may need Bower and Bundler on your local to install dependencies.

  1. Fork code and clone
  2. Run bower install to install all dependencies in bower.json
  3. Run bundle install to install all dependencies in Gemfile
  4. Update _config.yml with your own settings.
  5. Add posts in /_posts
  6. Commit to your own repository.
  7. Then come back to star this theme!

When install dependencies by bundler or gem, you may have some errors depending on your environment.

Error about json. Check response of Massimo Fazzolari on Stackoverflow to quick fix your problem. (Please also use latest version instead of 1.9.3 mentioned in the response)

Error about jekyll-paginate. Please check here

Error about SSL_connect. Please check here and here

For the moment, when you test on your local, you need to keep internet connection. Bug will be fixed soon.

How to use

Create a new post

Create a .md file inside _posts folder.

Name the file according to the standard jekyll format.

Write the Front Matter and content in the file.

layout: post
title: Post title
category: Category
tags: [tag1, tag2]

Please find examples here

Jekyll supports different structure of repository. You could just create as many folders as you want under _posts. Then jekyll will look through all folders/subfolders to find your posts. So cool, right? :D

Post Navigation Module

When writing post, please always follow this format:

Description about this post, blablabla

## Title A

### Title A-1

### Title A-2

## Title B

### Title B-1

So, Title A, A-1, A-2, Title B, B-1 will be detected and created as a directory

For example, a demo post

But if you do not like it or your post is quite short. You want to hide this navigation to make your post occupy your full screen. You just need to set no-post-nav:true in the Front Matter of the post where you want to hide this feature :D

Github Module

This module will get automatically all your repository information from github. But to test on your local, you must keep internet connection. In the future, it will also show the repositories you contributed a lot and the ones of your organization.

Bookmark Module

To add new marks, you only need to edit

Customize About Page

Feel free to customize page to show yourself. You only need to modify and about.html


  • List posts by a specified tag
  • New module FootPrint to show your world around trips
  • Show projects from your orgnization on github. (Siderbar, in open-source page)
  • To fix bug - could only test on local with internet connected.



The Apache License 2.0

Copyright (c) 2016 DONG Chuan

Check LICENSE file and official website for details