An online résumé you can fork and host for free on GitHub quickly and without fuss.

All the information is in the _config.yml file at the root and _data/resume.yml file. If you have all your employment and education info at the ready, you can have a free resume online in ten minutes. The only prerequisite is kind of knowing how YAML works.

It renders as a nice page. The styling is set up to print a one-page version (three most recent jobs and two most recent degrees).


  • Fully Customizable - mostly from one easy file
  • Dark mode! Also prefers-reduced-motion and prefers-contrast styling so everyone can enjoy the page
  • microdata
  • JSON resume format at /assets/data/resume.json
  • h-resume Microformat
  • 100% Lighthouse scores for Accessibility, Performance, Best Practices, and SEO
  • Scripts to turn it into PDF and Microsoft Word versions (requires local repo and pandoc)
  • Can be deployed entirely on GitHub; no node dependencies or build steps
  • Attractive-but-generic imagery for social sharing and other purposes

Getting Started

If you want, at least for the time being, to host the resume at, getting started is a two-step process:

  1. Click the 'fork' button at the top of the repo page
  2. Edit the _config.yml file in the code listing with your information

Third-party providers

If you want to use netlify,

If you prefer Vercel,

Creating a local version for development

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine
  2. cd into it
  3. Run the command bundle install in the root of the project to get the Jekyll standard items (requires bundler)
  4. Run bundle exec jekyll serve --verbose to build and serve your site to http://localhost:4000/

PRs welcome!

If you want to drive the future of this project, your work is quite welcome. If you'd like more information about the project, check out:

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