šŸŒ± Spring is a one-page, two-column Jekyll theme, ideal for long-form content.

šŸŒ± Spring

A one-page, two-column Jekyll theme that pairs beautifully styled content with contextual media.

āš ļø This theme should work as-is, but is no longer actively maintained. Contributions are welcome!


You'll need to have Jekyll, the bundler gem, and yarn (npm also works) installed on our computer. Spring provides a fully furnished Jekyll setup ā€” just clone and install the dependencies:

# Ruby gems
bundle install
# Node modules

Then simply run yarn start to start the Jekyll server on port 4000.


Spring includes some customizable options, applied via options in the _config.yml file. A standout feature is the dark theme. Have a look at the _config.yml file for all available options.


This theme is no longer actively maintained. However, I welcome bug fixes and feature request through pull requests. If you don't feel comfortable making code changes, feel free to open an issue, perhaps somebody else will help out.


Open sourced under the MIT license.