Template to host your own podcast using GitHub Pages and Jekyll

Podcast Pages

Have your own podcast you want to host? Do it on GitHub! Podcast Pages provides a template to host your own podcast using GitHub Pages and Jekyll.

Getting Started

Set Up

  1. Fork this project, or click "Use this template" to copy this into your own GitHub repo.
  2. Fill out details in ./_config.yml
  3. Change the categories under ./podcast.rss (See iTunes help page for more info)
    <itunes:category text="Business">
        <itunes:category text="Careers" />
  4. Upload your first podcast
  5. Publish using GitHub pages
  6. Submit rss feed link found at <your-url.github.io>/podcast.rss to podcast providers (ie. iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

For each new podcast

  1. Upload the .mp3 file under ./assets/audio/
  2. Create a new .md file containing your podcast details under ./_posts/
  3. Fill out details in the template provided
  4. Commit and push
  5. ...
  6. Profit


See the LICENSE file.

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