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This repo contains example blog generated with ruby static site generator: jekyll and liquid templating system.


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layout:     post
author:     Michal Dyzma
title:      Jupyter Notebook - python based lab book
date:       2017-04-14 17:28:54 +0200
comments:   true
categories: python jupyter-notebook data
keywords:   python, jupyter notebook, data

## Data and biology

Biologist simply can not ignore data anymore.

1. Stating thesis
2. Exploring the data
3. Building formal model/models
4. Interpreting the results
5. Communicating the results

Jekyll-whiteglass theme

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Disqus integration for each post

Mathjax for LaTeX mathematical formulas

\frac{\partial c_\gamma}{\partial t} = D_c \Delta c_\gamma + \phi(c) \delta_{\gamma} + \sum_{i=1}^n \left[ k^{-}_{i\gamma} b_{i\gamma} - k^{+}_{i\gamma} c (b^0_{i\gamma} -b_{i\gamma})\right]

bootstrap 3.3.7 & jquery 3.2.1

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Clone repository:

git clone

You must have ruby and bundle gem installed. To automatically download and install all dependencies go to the blog folder and execute:

bundle install

This should acquire all necessary gems. To preview blog locally type:

bundle exec jekyll serve

You can add --watch and --drafts options to make local server rebuild every time files are changed and to include posts located in _drafts/ folder.


Some features require extra effort to make it run on your own blog. I tried to make it very smooth and painless. In the end entire personalization (except FB button) requires changing few variables in _config.yml file.

Google analytics and ad-sense

To enable Google tracking on your blog you need to replace google_analytics variable in _config.yml with the one provided to you by Google (format "UA-xxxxxxxx-x")

Similar modification is required to get custom Google ad-sense. Change google_adsense variable in _config.yml.

Facebook share button

Facebook share requires app running on your FB account. Create app on Facebook for developers:

and populate _config settings:

 app_id: <number>
 publisher: <name>
 admins: <name>

Information is available in your app dashboard in Settings tab.

Disqus integration

Create account in Discus service and get you disqus short name. Change _config.yml variable disqus for your own.

If you want to disable comments in specific post set header variable comments to false (default value given by template is true).

Please note, that disqus does not allow to change your short name. It is part of the unique link associated with the site presenting comments on your blog. Pick it with consideration.


The following directories and their contents are Copyright to Michal Dyzma and licensed under terms of GNU/FDL:

  • _posts/
  • _drafts/

All other directories and files are MIT licensed unless otherwise specified. Feel free to use jekyll boilerplate as you please. If you do use it, a link back would be appreciated, but is not required.