Digital CV powered by Jekyll and GitHub Pages.

🎯 Month 1️⃣ of 12 Months of Code

Step-by-step Process

Docker image for the following steps can be found at: [TBA]

  1. Do the required setup depending on the operating system you're running

    Windows Setup
  2. Install and configure WSL2 Follow the instructions found at:

  3. Install Ubuntu in WSL2 Follow the instructions found at:

I had issues running jekyll new in Ubuntu 22.04, which is apparently due to an incompatibility with the Brightbox Personal Package Archive and Ubuntu 22.04 (according to

  1. Install Ruby Follow the instructions found at:

NOTE: When I did this I had issues with an error on jekyll serve that was due to an unsupported version of Ruby (3.2.0). I had to end up doing a version update using gem update --system to get this to work

  1. Install Jekyll Follow the instructions found at:

  2. Install the Jekyll Gem NOTE: GitHub pages is only able to support a certain version of jekyll, need to reference the GitHub dependencies page to see which version to install: . Thanks to for pointing this out.

    gem install jekyll --version 3.9.2

2. Open the terminal (WSL for Windows, Terminal for Linux), and enter the following commands into the terminal
# Change to your desired directory, I'm just going to use my home directory (but feel free to mount your C:/ drive if you're using WSL)
cd ~

# Create a new Jekyll website
jekyll new digital-cv

# Move into the newly created folder
cd digital-cv

# Run the website locally
jekyll serve
  1. Open the new website by navigating to http://localhost:4000/ in a browser.


A collection of resources that helped me along the way:

Examples of what I wanted to achieve

Helpful tips and tricks

Style of resume that I liked the look of