A minimal Jekyll theme for personal blogs

A minimalistic Jekyll Theme

Paper is a minimal Jekyll theme. Perfect for hosting your personal site, blog, or portfolio on GitHub or self-hosting on your own server. The styling is purposely minimalistic so that you can add your own flare to the website.

Live demo of the theme can be seen here. I'm also currently using this theme on my personal blog.


  • Compatible with Jekyll 3.x and Github Pages
  • Live local reloading for faster development
  • Responsive layout built-in
  • Supports Jekyll's built-in Sass/SCSS preprocessor
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • Supports Disqus for commenting
  • Minimum Dependencies
  • Rakefile for automation
    • rake check - Check links/html files of the generated site
    • rake clean - Clean up generated site
    • rake post - Begin a new post in ./_posts
    • rake preview - Preview with livereload on local machine


git clone
bundle install
rake preview

Then, go to your favorite brower and type in the address to preview your website.


To customize various details - title/description of the website, your SNS accout names, etc - edit the _config.yml file.

Adding posts

rake post title="A Title" [date="2012-02-09"] [tags=[tag1,tag2]] [category="category"]

This will create a markdown file in the default folder where all posts are stored in Jekyll; _post.

If you wish to change the directory where posts are saved, go to the Rakefile and edit the CONFIG = { 'posts': CUSTOM_PATH_HERE }. This will allow rake post to know where to save the new posts to.

The drafts you are working on can be saved in the _drafts directory. When you push your code to the server, files in this directory will NOT be included to the list of posts.


Please see LICENSE