Science and Technology Blog template

Installation instructions

  1. Install Jekyll: The instructions are given in post
  2. Edit _config.yml file:
    • Change baseurl to your folder name.
    • Change the respective URLs and variable names.
    • If you want to enable disqus comments, change dqs_shortname to your forum's disqus_shortname. Otherwise, turn comments to false.
  3. You might want to change the URLs in _includes/link.html file.

Now your science and technology blog is up and running. Happy blogging!


  • Make sure you commit changes to the branch from which github pages are published.
  • I have only tested this repository on Ubuntu 16.04. If everything doesn't work smoothly, you'll probably have to look it up.


This is a simple template for creating a Science and Technology Blog.

The code base is inspired from Emerald repository.

The template contain following features:

Jekyll-based website

  • This code-base is meant to host on github pages.
  • Github pages uses Jekyll that can convert your markdown pages into beautiful looking blog pages without needing to write cumbersome HTML code.
  • Once you set up the site, blogging becomes as fast as using any online service such as Wordpress, Blogger, etc.

Free website publishing with Github-pages

  • Since Github public repositories are free, you do not need to pay a cent to anyone for publishing your blog.

Commenting with Disqus

  • The template has included Disqus comments. So, if enabled, your readers can comment on any of your posts.
  • This also makes sharing your writings on social platforms easy.
  • Disqus basic account is for free and avails you with most of its features.

Latex rendering

  • If you have a scientific mind and you do not shy away from equations, the website is MathJax enabled. You can simply type your math equations in Latex format.


  • You can also demonstrate your code in code blocks.


If you want to contribute to the repository to improve the code, feel free to submit a pull request.

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