One page portfolio / bio starter using Jekyll and Bootstrap 4

Jekyll Bootstrap 4 one page bio / profile starter

This is a starter Jekyll project that can be used to create a one page bio / profile site, see this blog post for a detailed explanation of how to customize and use the starter. Condensed usage instructions are below.

This starter is an adaption of and

The primary differences between this starter and the Chuck Groom version:

  • Updated to use Bootstrap 4.1.3.
  • Updated to use FontAwesome 5.3.1.
  • Removed the color variables from the config file so experimenting with different color schemes doesn't require a Jekyll restart.

The primary difference between this starter and both the Chuck Groom and Startbootstrap-Freelancer versions:

  • Replaced the contact section with a resume download section.
  • Added links in the footer.


Grab the code

Clone, fork or download the repository from GitHub.


For some great ideas around what you should be putting in your profile I suggest reading the Chuck Groom blog post. He has some great thoughts on what sort of content you should include and this post was what inspired me to make my own profile / bio site.

Make the following changes in order to customize the starter:

  • Update the _config.yml file, update the site settings and link sections.
  • Replace /assets/resume.pdf with your own resume.
  • Replace /img/profile.png with your profile photo.
  • Update the .png files and .ico file in the root directory with your own favicon images (optional).
  • Update the color scheme by altering the /css/custom/_variables.scss file (optional).
  • Update the text in the following files: /_includes/about.html, /_includes/interests.html.

Building the production version

In order for the Download Resume button to work both when running locally and on the production instance the download URL is switched based on the JEKYLL_ENV setting.

Therefore when preparing your build for producton run jekyll build as follows

JEKYLL_ENV=production jekyll build



For more details on Jekyll, read the documentation.

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