⚡️ A boilerplate with Jekyll and Webpack to make the most performant static websites


A Jekyll boilerplate supercharged with Webpack to build modern performant websites (including Progressive Web Apps). Read more about how this boilerplate has been built:


Improved workflow

  • Webpack working along with Jekyll
  • BrowserSync live reload

Optimized Style and SASS

  • SASS Style
  • PostCSS Auto Preffixer
  • CSS minified

ES6 & Optimization

  • ES6 Babel
  • JS minified and uglified
  • ES Lint

Images optimized

  • Imagemin, images optimizations

Write less code

  • Theme color in config
  • Favicon generated automatically
  • Google Analytics setup in config file (optional)
  • Doorbell setup in config file (optional)
  • Cookie consent setup in config file (optional)

SEO Ready

  • SEO Plugin Jekyll
  • Sitemap generated
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages enabled for Posts

Write better code

  • Internationalization plugin

Progressive Web Apps (optional)

  • Generation of the Manifest
  • Generation of Service worker

CMS Admin panel

  • Works with Netlify CMS

Easy to deploy

  • Easy deployment with Netlify


The following tools should be installed before starting:

  • NodeJS, npm
  • Ruby, Gem, Bundler
  • Jekyll
  • Sass
  • Distro package build-essential libpng-dev

Quick start

  1. Make sure you have all the prerequisites above installed.
  2. Clone this repo using git clone
  3. Move to the appropriate directory: cd Jekyll-webpack-boilerplate.
  4. Run npm install and bundler install in order to install dependencies and clean the git repo.
  5. Run npm start to start the development server (or use npm start).

Quick deployment

Here is a demo of the Netlify build:

Netlify CMS

It also works with Netlify CMS after enabling Identity service and Git Gateway:

See admin/config.yml for more customization.


To start the development server just run npm start

Folder structure

├── 404.html
├── config <--- This folder contains the different Webpack config files
│   ├── manifest.json <--- Please edit this file if you want a PWA
│   ├── postcss.config.js <--- Post css config
│   ├── sw.config.js <--- The service worker config file
│   ├── webpack.common.js <--- The common Webpack config file for all the environment
│   ├── <--- Dev Webpack environment config file
│   ├── <--- Prod Webpack environment config file
│   └── webpack.pwa.js
├── _config.yml <--- The Jekyll config file that you need to set up
├── Gemfile
├── Gemfile.lock
├── _i18n <--- Contains your posts and data in the language you need (check below how to remove it)
├── _images <--- Put all your images here, you will access them with this path /assets/images/
│   ├── icon.png <--- Replace this with your icon
│   └── large-icon.png <--- Replace this with your Facebook Open Graph picture
├── icon.png <--- Same with this one
├── _includes
├── _layouts
│   ├── amp.html <--- The layout for Accelerated mobile page
│   ├── blog.html
│   ├── home.html
│   ├── page.html
│   └── post.html
├── package.json <--- Update this file with your information especially the name which is used for the meta tags
├── _scss <--- Put your partials here
│   └── _default.scss
├── _src <--- This folder contains your JS and SASS entry points
│   ├── index.js
│   ├── index.scss
│   └── template
│       └── default.html <--- Here is the main default template, feel free to edit it but do not delete it
├── webpack.config.js
└── package-lock.json

You can see above the basic structure of the boilerplate and the main differences with the official Jekyll folder structure


  • The required configurations are all in _config.yml
  • Also edit package.json the name is used in the meta tags
  • If you want a manifest.json file please edit config/manifest.json
  • Replace the different icon by yours in _images and in the root folder


  • SCSS partials should be located in _scss for better reading
  • Put all your images in _images the content of this folder will be moved to the _site/assets/images so you can access them with this path /assets/images/** in your templates, check the examples
  • Put all your Javascript files inside _src and import them from index.js or you can also add them as a new entry point in your webpack configuration file


  • All the posts should be there in inside _i18n folder inside its language, check the boilerplate examples
  • You can put your variables inside _i18n/en.yml (replace en with your language) and call them in your template with {% t variable_name.sub_variable %}
  • You can remove the plugin by removing gem 'jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin' from gemfile and jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin from plugins in _config.yml
  • We invite you to read the very good official documentation of the plugin Jekyll multiple language plugin


Optimized website

To build the website run the following line

npm run build

The built website will be in _site folder.

You can also run a local server to test it with this command

npm run serve:dist


If you want to build a PWA (including the manifest.json and the service worker) run the following. Please ensure to have configured this file config/manifest.json The built website will be in _site folder.

npm run build:pwa

Clean assets & _site folders

This will remove the generated folders

npm run clean:project

Known issues

  • Jekyll watch doesn't reload / rebuild when a translation file is updated inside _i18n folder, I recommand to remove jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin if you don't want a multi language website and if you want to watch / rebuild faster. Otherwise close and start npm run start to rebuild and see your changes from _i18n
  • Wsl2 requires to run sudo apt install -y build-essential libpng-dev in order to fix the pngquant failed to build, make sure that libpng-dev is installed issue

Websites using Jekyll Webpack Boilerplate

Other documentations

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